What is Your Unique Flavor?

What do people think of when they hear your name?  What qualities come to mind?  How can they count on your contribution or input?

I realize you may not have ever really thought about these questions.  They are critical for today’s world of work where professionals need to be an authority in their area of specialty.








Most professionals are not aware that everyone has a personal brand.  It is not the same as brand Nike or Starbucks, but there are similarities.  To position yourself securely in your career for the present and future, you need to devote time and energy to purposely developing and communicating with clarity your authentic personal brand.

What do you want to be known for?  What differentiates you from everyone else who might be in a similar position or have a similar background?   What is your unique flavor?  What value to you bring or create in your work?

You may be thinking there are hundreds and maybe even thousands of other dietitians, culinary gurus, or food specialists that offer similar services, specialties and processes as you do. No worries.  You are truly different, unique and gifted.

Often your personal brand attributes are found in ‘how’ you accomplish things.  How do you solve problems or prevent them or inspire others in order to get the work accomplished?  How do you attack a huge workload with ease, get projects done on budget, on time?  You may work with others in a similar position to yours or offer similar services, but the ‘how’ you deliver and ‘show up’ in your interactions will be significantly different from others.

Once you have identified your personal brand attributes, combine them with your professional passion – helping others lead healthy, fulfilled lives through food, nutrition and culinary avenues.  Throw in a dollop of core values and you have your personal brand statement, your unique flavor in your career.

My three brand attributes are:

  • Make it Yours – guiding others to incorporate best practices
  • Pioneering – putting new ideas into action
  • Inspiring – lighting a fire under others to accomplish their goals

My unique flavor  (personal branding statement) is: I help food, nutrition and culinary professionals attract more ideal clients, patients, and job offers through leveraging their strengths and identifying their unique flavor in the new world of work today.

What is your unique flavor?  I would be honored to help you discover and communicate your authentic personal brand. Contact me if you want to get started on discovering your unique flavor.

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