You Don’t Own Your Brand – Others Do

I realize this is a bold statement – you don’t own your brand.  Think for a moment about the definition for brand.  A personal brand is the images, words, thoughts and feelings that come to mind when someone thinks about you or interacts with you personally or professionally.

So your brand is how others describe you based on their own experiences with you, social proof they have read and judgements they make on your intentions.  Brand then is in other people’s minds.

What may be confusing is the word “branding,” which refers to the actions you take at your touchpoints to mold the brand image people have in their minds of you.

Increase Your Brand Value

So to increase your brand value, you must take time and energy to create purposeful and authentic experiences at all your touchpoints.  Your touchpoints are your branding opportunities and this is where most professionals totally miss out.

Typical branding pieces professionals focus on - unfortunately they miss out on many opportunitiesMost people have an understanding of the importance of branding in:

  • brochures
  • logo
  • tag line
  • business cards
  • website
  • social media
  • banners
  • letterhead
  • email signature
  • invoices
  • snail mail
  • waiting room decor

Missed Opportunities

Keep in mind your opportunity to strengthen your brand is at every point a potential customer or past customer has an interaction with your business.  The more often forgotten touchpoints are:

  • voicemail message
  • message you leave when person calling is not available
  • meetings
  • member organizations
  • staff greeting
  • online forums
  • client referrals
  • returning/refunds
  • birthday messages
  • LinkedIn invitation acceptance messages
  • message to new Facebook fans
  • thanks to new Twitter followers
  • shipping boxes
  • shopping bags
  • packaging
  • thank you cards
  • clothing
  • charity events
  • email subject
  • e-books

Each of these touchpoints are opportunities to inspire your prospective customer to buy from you.  What kind of impression are you leaving?  Often simple, inexpensive changes can make a world of difference.  Start with a touchpoint that has minimal investment with maximal impact. What stands out for your business?  What other ones did I miss?