Where does the internet fit in as a communication strategy?

This is a common question from my clients.

The short answer is the internet can be used in several different communication strategies. It fits into more than one strategy.  Instead, ask yourself if the internet activity is direct follow-up?  Networking?  Or publicity?

The long answer is there arePersonal Brand Communications Strategies 6 branding communication strategies:

1-Direct Contact and Follow-Up

2-Networking and Referral Building

3-Public Speaking and Presenting

4-Writing and Publicity

5-Promotional Events




Prioritizing by Strategy

Branding communication strategies help in prioritizing your time and money and are meant to help people get to know-like-trust you.  They are the highest level organizing principle for branding communication.

The numbers above reflect an effectiveness scale for yielding customers.  Strategies 1 – 3 are much more effective in creating a personal relationship than strategies 4 – 6.  This accentuates the relationship between know-like-trust and building customers.

Internet – Where does it go?

The internet is complex and depending on the activity and focus it can fall under different communication strategies. For example, websites fall under several communication strategies.  A two-minutes YouTube video teaching a valuable concept posted on a website falls under 3-public speaking and presenting.  Whereas a static website that is description focused falls under 6-advertising as a communications strategy.  But if instead, you have a purposeful know-like-trust built website that reveals intentional parts of your personal brand for visitors to get to know you all throughout the website revealing unique traits of you, the communication strategy would rise to number 2-networking and referral building.

The same is true for social media based activities.  Posting tweets with valuable resources or updates on your daily activities without interaction with followers falls under communication strategy 3-writing and publicity.  But if you were focused on tweets that are helping others be successful or are posting tweets to converse with your followers these activities would fall under communication strategy 2-networking and referral building.

My point is not that communication strategies 4, 5, and 6 should be avoided, instead, that you want to use the six levels of communication strategies to use your time and money wisely and purposely both online and offline.