What’s Your Legacy: How will others describe you?

Do you ever think about how you want to be remembered?

How do you want to be remembered?  What will people say about you?  Test of authentic personal brand. Recently a mom of one of my childhood friends passed away.  Her write up submitted by her family in the local paper was breath-taking.  It reminded me that the true test of our personal brand – the images and words others have in their mind to describe us, is how we are described once we are gone.


Here are some key phrases from my friend’s mom’s obituary:

“Betty was a class act. She loved unconditionally and encouraged everyone to always be the best person they could be.  She was a fierce advocate for her children and grandchildren and always made sure they knew how to take the high road — knowing at times the high road is a difficult one. ”

Now move to 40, 50 or 70 years out when you may be near the end of your life.  What would people write up about you? What will your legacy be?

Raving Testimonials

An activity I do with clients often is to have them write up a testimonial they would love for a client to say about them.  What would be the biggest compliment from a client?  What would make your day, week or month to hear? For me, this would be something like:

“Teresa inspired me to think uber- positively about myself and the gifts I have been blessed with.  She gave me the tools to attract the people I love working with and now have triple the clients I did a year ago. I am so thankful Teresa got my attention.”

Your Turn

Take two minute now to think about how you want to be remembered, today, tomorrow and decades from now?  What do you want people to say about you when you are not in the room or gone?  Write up your ultimate testimonial from a client.

Be sure to include references to specific values or beliefs that you are passionate about.  You also want it to include a sense of how you impacted the person – results you helped them achieve.

Make It Happen

What one action can you do today to powerfully tell the world how you want to be remembered?  The clearer you are on how you want your legacy to be, the easier it is to fulfill.

Go out and make a difference in others’ lives.  You are blessed with unique gifts that others need your help with.

Stand Out! Brand Actions in Social Media So You Are the Only Choice

How do you get noticed?  You are outstanding at what you do.  You know what you offer is way better than the competition.  But how do you get heard above the noise?

Stand out from the herd like this pink zebra doesI’d like to share with you a worksheet I use with my clients on actions to take in 3 of the major social media platforms for standing out, purposely branding themselves so they become the only choice in their area of specialty.

Daily, Monthly Social Media Actions to Stand Out

These are meant as guidelines, starting places.  Like everything I do, I tell clients they can ignore or delete anything they don’t want to do or doesn’t feel like it fits them.


These actions will over time accomplish the following for you and your business:

  • become irresistible to your target market by uncovering your distinct personality
  • attract your ideal customers so they keep coming back for more
  • differentiate your brand so your customers choose you over everybody else

I love this photo of a zebra herd.  The idea is if you look closely each zebra is different – unique set of stripes.  Your ideal target market does not have time though to look this closely at all their options when looking for someone to help them.  This is why even though you are already unique, you need to take actions to stand out like the pink zebra to your ideal target market.


Make These Actions Your Own

I get that the entire social media landscape can be overwhelming and it is easiest to be told what to do rather than educating yourself on everything.  Please take time to edit this list to make it your own.  Add in other actions, take off some you don’t think will help you reach your goals, and change any actions so they are doable for you.

Often with clients I will create a weekly and monthly schedule with them so they build up the habit of doing these actions regularly.  Once actions become habit, they don’t feel as overwhelming.



Lastly, I have a favor, email me any actions you want to understand better or maybe a short tutorial on how best to do to teresa@teresapangan.com.  This is an overview sheet and does not include specific how to steps.  I want to know where you want more help.  I would love to hear feedback on if you found this helpful and anything I can do to improve on it. Email me at teresa@teresapangan.com.  Here is the worksheet again Daily, Monthly Social Media Actions to Stand Out.