Personal Branding Resources

Following are my favorite personal branding resources to help you communicate your personal brand with clarity, power and consistency in today’s world of work.  It is also key to focus on your ideal target market in your personal brand communications.  Many of these resources revolve around the creation of value for your ideal audience in order to be abundantly successful.

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Why Personal BPersonal brand best practices and tips to clarifying, and powerfully communicating personal brandranding is Never About You
This is a great focus on the ‘others’ part of personal branding.  There is no personal brand unless you are serving others.  You must find passion in serving others to have a successful personal brand.

Social Mention Alert
Monitor your online personal brand by setting up a social mention alert for yourself (first and last name).    You also can use this site to look up tweets quickly in last week by entering in your twitter username.  I do this as it is quicker than using Twitter in many cases.

4 Genuine Ways to Execute Your Brand’s Promise
This article talks about brand from perspective of company brand.  The ideas is same for personal branding.  If a personal brand is authentic, your clients, customers, patients – everyone you interact with should go away with your brand promise experience every time they meet you, listen to your voice mail, come in to your office.  These are called customer touchpoints – points where customers or potential customers come in contact with YOU.  Check that every opportunity you are coming through on your personal brand promise.

What the Study of Chess Experts Teaches Us About Building a Remarkable Life
This is an excellent explaination of the mastery of skill rule that says for a cognitively complex skill you need to put in 10,000 hours of practice (popularized by Malcom Gladwell’s Outliers) before you become exceptional at it.  This applies to personal branding because you must be remarkable at what you do before an authentic personal brand will help you become ridiculously successful.  Branding will not help a professional that is weak in the area they want to build a business around.  Yes, you can still be starting out and be successful, but you can not cut corners.  You must be passionate when you start out at achieving excellence in your niche through mastery of your craft.  This article is valuable because it goes beyond the raw hours rule and expands on how these hours have to be dedicated to the right type of work if the goal is to truly be exceptional.

Clients Don’t Buy Services, They Buy People
When clients decide to buy your services, they want you as a person.  If they are going to be involved with you for any length of time, they want to have a positive feeling when with you.  What feeling do you generate for clients?  Do you let prospective clients know-like-trust you?

What Zappos Can Teach You About Becoming Irresistible to Customers
What Zappos does comes from their culture — and that culture is grounded in those core values. The two cannot be separated. They empower employees to under-promise and over-deliver with a customer service mindset.  What’s compelling about Zappos is their focus on connection. From the “top” down, it’s all about relationships.

Your Culture Is Your Brand decided a long time ago that they didn’t want their brand to be just about shoes, or clothing, or even online retailing. They decided that we wanted to build their brand to be about the very best customer service and the very best customer experience. They believe that customer service shouldn’t be just a department, it should be the entire company.



How to Get More People to Share Your Content
This article focuses on the art of writing a great headline.  The headline is the first thing a reader sees so it is critical that it catches their eye.

Writing and the Art of Meditation
Meditation is a proven method for unleashing creative juices and finding answers within yourself.  I have used it many times to help me and I recommend it as a method for entrepreneurs to quiet their mind and focus on a single strategy or plan. Many executives meditate before making serious business decisions.  Even sports icons and celebrity performers use it to get into their quiet, peaceful and creative state of mind. I recommend clients participate in activities that get them into their zone, that get them away from the work world and allow them to unleash the energy of their mind in order to make better decisions.  At times, this is meditation, it may be gardening for others, cleaning the house, tap dancing, going for a walk or run, or watching a favorite movie.  If you have not found that activity that gets you into your zone of mind energy, then give mediation a whirl.  This article gives step by step instructions for those new to meditation and offers a structured resource too.

Copyright Fair Use and How It Works for Online Images
Often stock photos or photos from online sources are used to bring more visual appeal to Facebook updates and blog postings.  This article is written by a lawyer that in easy to understand language conveys the intent and meaning of copyright law and how it applies to use in today’s social media.  Take time to read the comments too, great questions there and answers by the article author.

Psychology of Writing to Attract Customers
Outstanding list of resources.  Time spent here well worth it.  Lots of focus on the relationship with customer, pre, during and post.



Making a Presentation that Sticks
Presentations are great way to communication your voice and should project your brand in a manner that connects with your audience.  Speaking is a venue to connect with people and communicate your personal brand.



Which Brain Is Your Website Selling To?
It is key that you use best practices on your site and blog to bring them to the desired action.  This article presents great tips on how people make decisions in their brain – really three brains.

Marketplace Value – Salary
Three tips in naming your salary number is first know your market; then know exactly what it takes to deliver your product or service; and lastly hold your ground.



This is a social media search engine.  It is a great way to enter in topics you are evaluating for your blog or site for their popularity in social media.  Enter in the phrase and watch the left hand column for breakdown of how popular the phrase is.  Keep in mind, what really matters if your ideal target market is interesting, overall popularity does not mean your market is interested in that topic.  Topsy is one of many tools I use to identify keyword phrases to optimize a client’s site or blog for.  Topsy is great for finding blogs, sites and people to follow to listen to what is on people’s minds.