Growing a Strong Social Media Vine

Social media often takes on a life like a vine.  There are professionals who grow a strong social media presence – a vine with branches that are thick bearing lots of fruit.  And there are the rest, they a have weak social media presence, meaning their vines are thin and growing wildly with little chance of sustaining a long term existence.  Is your social media strong and bearing lots of fruit like this one ?








It is easy to get pulled into the frenzy of social media:  tweets, fans, likes, comments, connections … Most professionals know they need to be active in the social media community to be on the cutting edge in their fields; to attract clients, customers and job offers; and to manage their career.  Most however, are lacking a social media plan or strategy focused around their personal brand.

The exception in social media are professionals that are thinking through their social media presence and growing a strong social media presence that is bearing lots of fruit – lots of benefit for them and the communities they choose to be involved in.  They are not jumping on board to everything, they have limited time and energy to devote to social media and are making it work for them.

An important part of growing any vine is the pruning.  Pruning is aimed at cutting out all shoots that are weak and non-fruiting on fruiting branches to do two things, keep the branch from running wild and to get a full crop of rich, fully ripened fruit,  – the cutting back of the weak shoots allows the vine to channels its finite energy into producing strong new fruit growth.  These weak shoots are posts, tweets, updates that are interesting, but not adding clarity to your personal brand.  They add to your total volume of social media involvement, but they weaken your vine so its growth is wild going in endless directions.

Instead, define brand YOU.  Then everything you do or say must support this.  This is why there are an abundance of weak vines with no fruit out there in social media, very few people think about their brand, their reputation, their niche, what they are the ‘goto’ person for before getting involved in social media.  And even fewer professionals filter everything they do in social media through this brand,  – everything –  usernames, profiles, messages sent, and answers posted to questions online all should be filtered through your brand.

The benefit is attracting more ideal clients, customers, patients and job offers.

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