Top Five LinkedIn Things to Do on New Profile

LinkedIn New Profile ChangesLinkedIn recently changed their profile format.  The look now has more opportunity for visual interest thus a great area to leverage. What do these changes mean for you?  How can you best maximize the changes so you stand out and get noticed?  These are 5 things you can doPut them on your todo list now to knock off in the next month.


1. Headshot photo works with larger sizing.

The photo is larger bringing more visual emphasis to the profile and also makes the photo even more critical. If you have not had a professional headshot taken, get one now. They range in cost form $80 – $200.  It is worth it.  I tell clients 2 headshots to cover all your social media accounts is fine.


2.  Recommendations for current work is key.

Any recommendations you have will show up under the work experience it refers to with a small headshot displaying of the person that made the recommendation.  It helps provide visual interest to your profile and brings attention if you have strong recommendations.  Be sure to leverage this by getting 2 or more strong recommendations for at least your current place of work.


3.  Share an update 3 times a week.

Your latest activity update shows up under your headshot.  You don’t want it to be blank.  No need to post several times a day.  But set aside 3 times a week optimally to go in and update it with what is going on – meetings going to, new clients excited to work with and any valuable resources to share in your area of specialty.


4.  Summary intro is key.

Your summary shows up right under your activity updates so that is one of the first things that viewers of your profile will see after your photo and headline.  Find something interesting to start your summary with to capture the reader’s attention.


5.  Applications bummer.

This one is long because it involves the most drastic change. I have how-to steps in here so please read to the end.LinkedIn applications are being replaced with a new feature that lets you add media links to images, presentations, videos, and documents on your profile and is discontinuing to use third party applications.If you had setup a 3rd party application before like I had my PowerPoint presentation, you will need to read up on what happens because it depends on which third party application you were using as to what happens ( or or YouTube)  Here is a page on how those are being transferred over to the new design. 

If you did not get a chance to setup a third party application before, LinkedIn is changing entirely how they are doing it.  What they offer now are media links that can be added to the bottom of Summary, Education and Experience sections.  This is good and not good.  My nice popping PowerPoint presentation no longer pops so much visually.  That is the down side.  The up side is I often have clients that have a video showcasing them doing presentations or media work they wanted to showcase with a specific job experience.

Now you can add these in as an active link. An example might be you have a 2 minutes video of you presenting a key presentation and it is uploaded to YouTube.  Then go to the Profile > Edit page and Find which section you want to insert it at the end of: Summary, Education or Experience.At the top of this section, look to the right of the section heading and find the icon that is a square with a plus sign (new media add icon LinkedIn is using). Click the icon and up will pop a blank to enter in the link to the image, document or presentation.  Enter the link to the YouTube page – no coding required.

Next LinkedIn will show you a image from the YouTube and allow you to enter in your own title and description for the video.

If you want to insert files (PDFs, MS Word Documents) you can still use that I recommended in the classes.  Instead of working as a third party application though you will setup your account and upload your files you want to share into’s site.  Then you get your link from and paste the link as a media link on your LinkedIn profile.

I am guessing this setup is much simpler for LinkedIn to manage.  Take advantage of it by uploading your PowerPoint presentations relevant to your work, a past presentation that you want to showcase into and get the link  from SlideShare to insert into LinkedIn profile as a media link.

Here is a complete list of what LinkedIn is encouraging for members to use for displaying any type of media on their profile

If you look closely at the list you can display now images from image providers like Pinterest, TwitPic and other social media image providers.  This is all new.  Think about what you want to be know for (your brand) and use images to imprint that message.

The list does not include but you can still share files from there on your LinkedIn profile.  I had to update it on my new LinkedIn profile.  You are welcome to take a look to see how it shows up on mine:

Post below any questions on these changes you have.