Attract More Clients, Patients, & Job Offers

It’s rare to come across a professional today who isn’t concerned with client attraction. I often find clients focused in the wrong areas: designing beautiful marketing pieces, devoting long hours to social media, reading all the “right” books, or creating a “bigger, better” website .








In order to attract more clients, you have to have clarity around who is your ideal client, who YOU are and the value of what you provide. You also have to be willing to give a taste of what you have to offer (for free) to effectively communicate, connect and engage.

Here are 6 easy ways to attract more clients, patients & job offers:

1. Define Your Ideal Client (or Influencer)  – A lot of people are walking around thinking they should work with everyone. Not so. It’s imperative that you narrow down exactly WHO you want to work with, WHAT are their greatest struggles and HOW you are going to help them. Start making a list of all the qualities you want in an ideal client.

2. Listen More Than You Talk – Most people are dead-set on showing a potential client how much they know. Here’s a wake-up call for you: your potential client doesn’t care how much you know, she wants to know how you are going to fix her problems. Ask yourself the WIIFM question from the client’s perspective, “What’s in it for me?” and then focus on the results clients will get from working with you. Ask open-ended questions that will help you get to know your client and show your level of interest. Build rapport and your client will get a feel for how you work.

3. Define Your Unique Value – When asked what they do, most professionals will respond with, “I’m a Registered Dietitian” or “I’m a diabetes educator.” While this certainly gives potential clients a label to categorize you, it doesn’t describe the value you provide, which is what attracts them to you in the first place. My unique value, for example, is that I help food, nutrition and culinary professionals leverage their strengths and find their unique flavor to attract more ideal clients, customers and job offers . A diabetes educator specializing in adults with diabetes might say something like, “I help professionals over 40 feel vibrant, and live the lifestyle they want while in control of their diabetes.”

4. Understand What Keeps Your Ideal Client Up At Night – Take the time to ask questions about what your client is struggling with; what is her #1 problem keeping her up at night? If she could wave a magic wand and fix one thing in her life, what would it be? Once you pinpoint what this exactly is and show her how you have eliminated this for others, you will instantly have a new customer.

5. Publicize Impact & Results – Highlight results others have found from working with you on your website or LinkedIn profile or other branding pieces.  A common way to do this is with testimonials, recommendations from past clients or case studies. You want to be sure these statements include specific results and not just “she was very professional to work with and good at her work. ”  Instead, you want something powerful like “she helped me lower my blood pressure in just two weeks and halved my medication in 3 months”, or “the menus she designed required little training for the staff and kept our food costs in budget and increased our sales 25% the first month.”

6. Give Some of Your Expertise Away – Notice I said “some” of your expertise, not all. Many people get nervous or defensive when I suggest this. An effective methods to develop your “know, like & trust” factor is to give your potential clients a taste of your knowledge and experience. Let them get to know you a little bit and help them with some of their issues. You can do this through a newsletter, blog, free handouts or giveaways in the form of a download on your website or many of the countless social media platforms available today.

Contact me if you want to get started on attracting more clients, customers, patients or job offers.


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