About Me

I am wild about tap dancing! I have tap danced around business and technology throughout my career. I managed food and nutrition floors in a metropolitan hospital. Then while pursuing my doctoral studies in nutrition I founded a successful web design and development firm Webnoxious where I helped over 100 businesses and organizations create an online presence. Many were listed in the top ten result listings for Google. I sold the business to start an innovative online venture serving savvy food, nutrition and culinary professionals called Feed Your Career, LLC.

I understand how to help people in their businesses and careers leverage technology with business. I have done it. Just like in tap dancing, I know when to hold back, and when to be bold and step out and give it your all.

I have always been attracted to matching up people with work where they feel fulfilled. When I was administrative dietitian I thrived on finding work for the food service workers that they enjoyed and giving them responsibilities that challenged them. I had all my staff at my company Webnoxious take the strengths finder assessment so I could assign projects based on their talents. Even while designing websites for businesses I would immerse myself in their company to get to know their unique strengths as a business and what distinguished them from others. The stunning designs my team created captured the uniqueness of these businesses, which allowed them to powerfully stand out.

I love tackling new territories. When I was 15 years old I traveled by train through Europe for six weeks with three other pals on a budget of $15 a day. Then as an undergraduate I wrote a cookbook (printed, promoted and distributed myself too) called Cooking Made Simple where I learned that a great product does not sell itself. ☺ In the late 1990s, I founded a web design firm when the Internet was just starting out and there were no business models to follow. It was a wild, wild web then. I persevered and twelve years later sold my successful company.

Education, Credentials & Honors

I received my doctoral degree in nutrition with an emphasis in institutional management and a minor in business from Texas Woman’s University in Denton, Texas. I received two Bachelor of Science degrees in dietetics and consumer food science from Iowa State University and am a Registered Dietitian. I received the prestigious Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year award from the Texas Dietetic Association in 1998. Additionally, I completed the certification programs in personal branding and career coaching: G3 Coach (Branded CareerComm Certification) and Certified Career Management Coach.