Would you rather ask someone for a date cold turkey or based on a friend’s referral?

I am going to revert back to dating days for a moment, kind of scary.  Were you ever with a bunch of your friends and a brave soul, a Work on what is right in front of you - your fans and customers/clientsstranger,  walked up and asked you or your friend out?  What normally happened?  What if they said they “were awesome” and you should give them a chance?  Very bold!  Most likely they would get a cold or hot drink in their lap.

Now, what if your friend tells you the guy is a great guy and you both would be a great couple?  What then?  Would you get the nerves up and ask him out?

I am not sure I would have been brave enough to ask him out right then, but I would be open to him approaching me and maybe later I would get the courage up to ask him out.

Seeing Past What Is Right In Front of You

My point is in your business you may be seeing right past what is in front of you – what you already have.  Do you have at least 5 Facebook likes on your page?  Have you sent them a personal thank you?  For your email list, it doesn’t matter how many you have, instead, honor the followers you do have.  Are you sending them valuable resources regularly?  Getting feedback on what their struggles are? Nurture what you have, the number you have is not important. This attention to the relationship is what converts them into future customers.

It is easy to get carried away with all the hype in the online media and focus on getting more and more traffic, higher numbers.  However, don’t forget about your existing customers/clients and fans.  When is the last time you checked in with past customers?  Call 3 today and ask how they are doing.  Just check-in, no selling.


Follow-up on leads that you have, even if they aren’t yet customers, follow-up is critical.  For many successful businesses their number one tactic for gaining new customers is follow-up.  Follow-up for warm leads, past clients and referrals.  Keep a list of them in an easy to refer to format and track your check-ins.

Remember the example at the start with the guy asking someone out for a date cold turkey or after a friend recommends them – if someone refers you your chances of getting ‘in’ go way up.  Don’t waste this no-cost tactic that works.

Recognize what you are sitting on right now.  Start-ups fail because they forget about their customers and are focused heavily on growth. Wow those that already know you some.  They easily will be your next customer, repeat customer or refer others to you.

Who can you WOW today?

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