Serving Others is the Way to More Clients and Work

Authentic personal branding revolves around serving others. Personal branding looks deep inside the person – uncovering their super Serving is the focus of authentic personal brandingtalents, skills, values and their own personal story.  You don’t change who you are, just dig out the best parts and match them up with a target market you can serve.

The focus is on digging to find the true essence of the individual in order to tell their story, attract people that they are ideally suited to serve and help.  Professionals with a strong personal brand connect with people that need their unique talents.

My favorite super servers were Mother Teresa and Ghandi.  They stuck with what they were really good at, I mean awesome at and matched up with a target market that could use those gifts.  Same thing in the marketplace today.  Find your market that needs the help of you – your service to them.

Share in comments how you serve others?  What uber talents do you have that you use in your work?

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