Launching Your Dietetics Career – Book Review

Registered Dietitians Milton Stokes, Kyle Shadix and Jenna Bell collaborated together to create this long overdue book: Launching Your Dietetics Career.   The three have been long time friends, owned a company together, and not surprisingly have each effected each others own careers’. Read about the authors’ accomplished and varied careers by clicking on their names above.

These three have been involved and giving to the profession for years including mentoring and teaching students and interns.  The book started as a result of learning from students, interns, and peers.  They saw the gap, the opportunity to help – no guide for those wanting to pursue the many opportunities opening up and continuing today in dietetics.

Launching Your Dietetics CareerThe book reduces the overwhelm with the many questions someone pursuing a career path in dietetics has.  Internship or not? Food service, clinical, community or other focus? Undergraduate program coursework?  Once it is all behind you (you have your R.D. in hand) it is easy to forget how many choices there are, how it feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders when mapping out your dietetics career path.

My favorite part of the book is the strong underlying message to volunteer and connect with others right from the start as an undergraduate on through to the interviews and advice from the movers and shakers in dietetics.  A bit about myself, both my previous career directions with companies Webnoxious and Feed Your Career stemmed from volunteer work and connecting with other dietitians.

I was PR Chair for the Dallas Dietetic Association (DDA) in 2000 and recommended a website to DDA.  The president gave me the ‘go-ahead’ and I poured in hours of volunteer time putting together DDA’s first website learning the ins and outs.  DDA was the first dietetic district in the state to have a website and one of the first in the nation. Then Feed Your Career was built on connecting with other professionals, listening to where they needed help in their careers. Now I volunteer on the Dietetics Practice Group DCE’s Social Media committee to learn and connect with others on a topic dear to me – social media.

Volunteering and connecting are and always have been cornerstones of my dietetics career path and you will see in the book for many of the dietitians interviewed.  Giving Back to the Profession is a subheading for those dietitians interviewed with listings describing how they volunteered.

Words of wisdom from the authors: “If things don’t work out in the end, it’s not the end.  There’s more to come.  More to learn.  More challenges.  Take it all in, make your own path, and return as much positivity as possible.” What many readers may not realize is the journey the book took from inception to print:

  • 3 publishers before printing
  • at least 8 other books published between them
  • one baby adoption
  • one earning Masters and nearly a PhD

Interesting and valuable career advice highlights included in the book:

On Path to RD

  • undergraduate program considerations
  • how to evaluate best fit for you in dietetic internships including the culture
  • summer internships (not to be confused with dietetic internship)
  • how many dietetic internships to apply to
  • preparing for dietetic internship interviews
  • what to do the night before taking RD exam

New RD

  • getting involved in the profession
  • advanced specialties
  • networking (connecting)
  • media savvy guidance
  • staying current
  • salary negotiation

Movers & Shakers – Interviews

  • amazing variety of careers highlighted through interviews with trailblazer dietitians
  • nurturing of relationships
  • involvement in profession – volunteering
  • always open to opportunities

I highly recommend you get a copy of Launching Your Dietetics Career, read it, and then pass it on to someone considering a career in dietetics or just getting started.  Also, if you know of any internship or undergraduate program directors, be sure to mention it to them.   It is a valuable resource.  I could have used a copy back when I was an undergraduate student at Iowa State University transferring from aeronautical engineering to dietetics – mapping out my career in dietetics.  🙂



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